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Leading end-to-end vaccine solution for practices

Streamline your staff's vaccination process and eliminate vaccine purchasing!

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Cost-free solution that pays you to administer

We buy, manage, and bill for vaccines.

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No more vaccine purchasing

We Buy Your Vaccines

VaxCare purchases your current inventory and provides vaccines on consignment going forward. Never pay a manufacturer invoice again.

No more vaccine ordering

We Manage Your Inventory

VaxCare's real-time inventory tools provide on-demand visibility, tracking, and automatic ordering. Don't worry about running out of inventory. We got your back.

No more vaccine billing

We Manage & Bill Your Claims

VaxCare's technology bills automatically, eliminating lost doses and misfiled claims. You will feel confident knowing every dose was billed and accounted for.

No more risky vaccine claims

You Get Paid

VaxCare reduces your risk and pays you for doses you administer. Congratulations you have a profitable, efficient, and effective vaccination program.

Over 1 million vaccines administered with VaxHub

One scan connects the dots.

  • Place Vaccine Order in EHR

  • Dispense Vaccine on Vaxhub

    Auto-Balance Your Inventory

    The system ensures you never run out

    Auto-Update Patient Records in Your EHR

    Capture all administration details

    Auto-File Claims for Administered Doses

    Helping you get paid for every vaccine

  • Administer Vaccine to Patient

Effortless innovation with you in mind

Focus on patient care, not paperwork.

Save 30+ minutes per day per nurse

More Time With Patients

We've automated the tedious and manual tasks, which dominate the traditional vaccinating workflow, so your patients get more face time.

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Keep patients safe and providers happy

Right Patient, Right Dose

Our EHR-integrated platform ensures that what the provider has ordered is exactly what gets dispensed and administered.

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Save money and remove financial burdens

Better Economics

Our solution removes the financial burden of tying up capital in vaccine inventory, while also reducing unbilled and unpaid claims so you can increase program profitability.

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Over 2,000+ clinics love VaxCare.

“We've been using VaxCare for almost 5 years and love it! Huge help for our practice in keeping things simple. They do what they do best, so we can do what we do best. Love this company!”

Michael Middleton, MD
Owner, Middleton Pediatrics

Time to transform your vaccination experience.

VaxCare is dedicated to transforming the vaccination experience for practice and clinical staff.

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